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Authorize a service account to use a smart contract

Follow these steps to authorize a service account to use a smart contract.

Before you begin

This guide assumes that you have:

Step by step

  1. Open MARCO Console.

  2. On the left sidebar, go to Smart Contracts > Templates > List instances.

    SCI list

  3. Choose the smart contract you want to call one of its methods.

  4. Open the Identity Permissions tab.

  5. In the Add Identity field, add the service account's email address that will make the API call.

    SCI identity permissions


    You can find the service account's email address in the Service Accounts > List Service account page on the MARCO Console.

  6. Choose the service account from the list.

  7. Ensure the service account has the Reader role granted or a higher role.

    SCI role

Next steps

Now that you have authorized the service account to use the smart contract, you can call a smart contract method.